Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Big Year!

Liam and I were too excited to sleep and wait until morning to start so we walked into Bentsen at 11:58. We hoped maybe we would here a hoot or such. At midnight we heard machine gun fire and were back in the casita at 12:08. So much for that idea but what an exciting way to start!


  1. Happy New Year Liam and Eddie. You have just begun an adventure of a lifetime. My son Gabriel just finished his Junior Big Year at midnight and your adventure is now on! It is so great that you are able to share this journey together. My husband and I wouldn't trade this past year with Gabriel for anything.

    While Gabriel is the main birder in the family, today i committed to learning to identify some birds of my own. I'm starting with house and song sparrows since they frequent our feeders. Not so advanced, but everyone must begin somewhere. That is the beauty of birding, everyone does it at their own pace within their own means. No camera, no scope, but a great attitude! Your Big Year is going to be amazing because your hearts are in the right place. I just want to wish you all the best. If you are ever in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, or otherwise close by give us a shout. We will help in whatever way you wish, or even keep you company for a day or two:) Have Fun!! Mary

    ps.. love your photo... are you Canadian?

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! It sounds like Gabriel made the most of his Big Year.Tell him Congratulations!
    Liam has been "willingly" birding with my husband since he was 7.
    They were able to hit Pelee last May (where the picture comes from).
    They seem to be having a great time in Texas.
    -The Mom

  3. Thanks Mary! We will let you know if we get close to you and we can all go birding! It is already proving to be a great idea. Liam and I are having a blast. Our neighbor has let us borrow his camera and although it doesnt have a big lens we are sure to get some great pics. Not having a scope will cost us some birds but probably not too many as there are usually plenty of birders around who generously allow a peek through theres. We are going to try and get one at some point though. Thanks for the well wishes and I am glad you had a great time too!