Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Long time, No See

Wow!  It really has been a long time since the last post!  Bottom line; we have had nothing to post concerning birds.  We had life throw us some curve balls this summer and totally derail our Big Year :(  The easy thing to do would be give up.  But like Liam said back in February on a miserable day.  "Big Years aren't supposed to be easy".  So we are saddling for a fight to the end of the year to see how strong we can finish!  We still have plenty of local summer birds to get and will be heading out on the road again asap.


  1. Hey, welcome back! You've already seen so many great species during the first half of the year that you will finish strong no matter what you see during the next 4 months!

    Good luck and happy birding trails!!