Monday, October 15, 2012

I.D. Challenge

Guess who's butt this is!
Key Largo, FL October 4, 2012
Put your guess in the comments below!
The first person to guess correctly will receive a drawing of this type of bird by me.  It won't be good but it's all I got!  I am trying to talk Liam into creating the prize but he is reluctant at the moment.  Maybe on the next one..


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  2. Dog Gone Shoe! I hope you used your superior birding skills and didn't just check out the last post! Lol

  3. Shoe got it right! I deleted his answers so others could make a guess :) Brian, Ryan, Matt.... Bueller... Bueller

  4. I used my birding skills. I actually didn't get a hint from another post.

  5. I know Shoe! And by the way, the correct answer was Prairie Warbler!