Thursday, February 2, 2012


10hrs driving, 5hrs birding, no Black-tailed Gull. Only new bird was Common Merganser.
This was the first time having no scope hurt us. There was a ton of gulls on some buildings where the gull is said to hang out and I thought I saw a darker mantled black band tailed gull land amongst them but it was just too far for binocs alone. This is a hard pill to swallow and it won't happen again. We will get a scope if we have to sell a kidney! Liam was bummed but was a trooper and if he can handle this trip I think he can handle anything. It was a very long drive for 5 hours of uncomfortably cold Ring-billed Gull watching. He didn't get to add much in the way of new birds which is his favorite obsessive compulsive, hoarding, pack rat thing to do. He loves to collect things and bird names for his life/year list is his most prized pirates booty right now. After rarity chasing for a bit longer we will get some good trips in to add some serious numbers to the list.

This pic sums up our trip fairly well!

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