Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Can't Sleep

It is 1:50am and I can't sleep. I have been working hard since 7:30am and I am tired but Liam and I are doing a Big Year. When I lay down I can't stop thinking about the rarities out there right now that we need to get to. We are going Sunday(instead of watching the Superbowl) to California to try for Falcated Duck and then down to AZ for Nutting's Flycatcher, Streak-backed Oriole & Black-capped Gnatcatcher. We will stop in NE on the way home to try for Common Crane and then home for a run up for Black-tailed Gull. Shortly after on to Northern MN for winter birds and fancy owls and also NC for a Pelagic. BUT the days in between the last trip and the next is unbearable if you are hoping for a great year and a big number. If you decide to do a Big Year be sure to be comfortable with not being concerned with your final number OR be prepared to go all out all the time; otherwise, you will lose sleep! I CAN'T WAIT TO GET OUT THERE!!!

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