Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This week NE, AK? and MN

Tonight we are flying out to Lincoln, NE and driving out to where the Common Crane has been seen. Hopefully we will get it early in the morning and head back to the airport. We fly standby and the flights to Anchorage, AK don't look so great but if we can squeeze on a flight we will try to get Dusky Thrush in Anchorage before heading on to Sax Zim Bog in MN for the weekend.
If anyone can get us in touch with someone familiar with finding the crane in NE please let us know. Thanks!!


  1. http://nebraskanature.org/
    we called and went to this place when we stopped off there to see the Common Crane we actually didn't spot it but we did spot the flock of like 2000 sandhill cranes it was with. good luck

  2. Thanks Sara!
    We did stop there to get some directions.
    Appreciate the heads up!