Friday, January 6, 2012

Common Paraque - South Texas

Liam at Estero Llano Grande!

We got some great looks at some fantastic birds in South Texas! I will try to post a bunch over the next 24hrs. The Common Paraque(pronounced Pa-rah-kay) is the winter nighthawk found in South Texas and many of them roost in known spots so you can reliably find them if you know where to look. This one was at Estero Llano Grande Park in Weslaco, TX. If you go down take a morning bird walk there on a Wednesday! We also scared up a paraque on our own while searching for a Rose-throated Becard which eluded us.


  1. Glad you've had a great time, Eddie and Liam! I saw the paraques in Estero when I was there this past March. They are wonderful. Was your guide for the bird walk Huck Hutchens? He is a friend of mine and often leads the walks for Estero.

  2. Thanks! A birder named Huck must be fun... No, his name was Dave I think. Told us alot about the plants and trees too.