Monday, January 9, 2012

Even more from South Texas! You gotta go!

Ladder-backed Woodpecker

Baby Alligator!

Tropical Parula at Quinta Mazatlan

Liam at the 2 totems where the Black-throated Grey Warbler was seen moments earlier. We struck out on it and the Rose-throated Becard in the same area.

Turkey Vulture

The rarest bird we saw in South Texas


  1. Hi,

    I met you guys at Salineno on new year's day and also ran into you various other places in the valley! Didn't realize you were doing a big year! Now I'll have to follow you guys, I love reading about big years since I can't do one (being a college student at the moment makes it kind of tough). If you guys are ever in the Chattanooga, TN area let me know!
    David Hollie

  2. Hey David!! We remember you. We need to come to Chattanooga to see a crane! Isn't the Hooded Crane around there somewhere? Did you ever get a pic of the Screech Owl? We went back to take a pic and couldn't locate it...glad you found us!

  3. Yes the Hooded Crane is just north of Chattanooga. If you go for it let me know and maybe I can go with you if my school schedule works! I did get some pictures of the screech owl--in fact, I just uploaded one to my flickr (

  4. I will definitely let you know if and when we go for the crane. Nice pics! I need to get a nice camera and lens as I really like taking pics. Our email is if you ever want to contact us or have a good bird to tell us about!