Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Long-eared Owl

Just got some help finding a Long-eared Owl in Warren, Co. Ohio. A huge thanks to Les Houser!! Liam loved the orange in this owl! The picture isn't so great as it is at distance and heavily cropped but see how the owl is sitting squat and fat and droopy eyed indicating he is relaxed. This is the most his eyes opened the whole time we were there. His eyes were closed completely in all other pics. If you are watching owls remember they are sleeping during the day and working at night. If an owl is awake and standing up tall and looking at you with giant saucer eyes you have spooked it and should back away, otherwise you run the risk of flushing it; ruining his day and the chance for others to enjoy. Imagine if you were camping at a campsite and some of the other campers trampled into your campsite at 3am and stood over your tent whispering loudly. Pretty damn scary or at least really annoying and sure to disturb your sleep enough to make for a crappy day tomorrow.

Long-eared Owl - Ohio


  1. Loving your Big Year blog! How many species so far?

  2. Thanks!! 158 so far. There is a link to our list on the side....