Saturday, January 7, 2012

Some more from South Texas!

"White-tailed Kite" We saw plenty of these in South TX but not usually sitting on a wire

"American Coot" showing off his crazy feet!

It was hard to get a pic of this "Little Blue Heron"; he was really on the move hunting

"Great White Egret" - South Padre Island, TX

"Snowy Egret" - South Padre Island, TX Neet yellow feet!

This "Reddish Egret" was on the move too, catching fish left and right!

Liam at a boat ramp just outside South Padre Island

"Crested Caracara" Dude looks like a lady. Looks like a fancy lady walking down the street!


  1. I borrowed a camera from this weird dude I know!

  2. I'm glad he let you borrow it, these are some great pictures. ;)